I am slowly coming to the realisation that practically all decisions are fundamentally based on emotion rather than logic.

People don’t want to think have the right solution, answer or plan, they want to feel they have the right solution , answer or plan.

They have an idea of what this is already, and so deviating from this will elicit a reaction and an emotion.

Therefore they always start with:

  1. WHAT – I want to do it this way (i.e. digital first). Then…
  2. HOW – I want it to look like this (i.e. big formats). Then…
  3. WHY – Because I want to drive growth and feel good

This will only cause problems, especially when the correct answer is not their What.

Therefore you need to start with Why and work down:

  1. WHY – I want to drive growth
  2. HOW – Getting people to spend time with the brand
  3. HOW – Via an executional plan

Then the challenge is on you to communicate this in a way that makes them feel this is the right answer and solves their problem.


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