New years reso-no

I was once having lunch with a friend who is now head of an opticians.

We were talking about our favourite books and she wasn’t interested in titles, authors or filler.

She just asked, “But what have you learnt?”

In the season of lists – trends, resolutions, predictions – rather make a list of things you’ve learnt and keep that with you over the coming months.

Here’s some to get you started, in no paticular order:

  1. You can’t do it on your own (via Mrs ASD)
  2. Communication is what you want the other person to understand, not what you want to say (via Chris Barez-Brown & Upping Your Elvis)
  3. Telling the truth doesn’t mean disclosing every possible fact but about being honest (via Sue Unerman and Jonathan Salem Baskim)
  4. Pragmatic feminism exists and is what we all need (via Kathryn Jacobs CBE and Sue Unerman)
  5. Get upstream and solve the problem behind the problem  (via Dave Trott)