2% Amiable

Communication dynamics are the most underrated learning experience out there.

Before you do anything, find out how you frame the world, how you learn and how you respond to other people. Then get your closest people to do the same.

Understand who and how you are will reduce confusion and give you more options.

Here’s me:



[Link] Box of un-opened vinyl from a neighbour

The kindle was the digital answer to books and thankfully the book industry seems to be fighting back.

The mp3 killed the music industry as we knew it, but the revolt in vinyl is still strong. The story and experience of the medium is as important as the message.

Tell The Truth by Sue Unerman & Jonathan Salem Baskim


“Truth is a powerful marketing tool and the only way to really promote a message and brand effectively”

“Truth doesn’t have to mean full disclosure of every possible fact. It means marketing with honesty.”

“Some media are truer than others, though it depends on where and how experienced as well as what content it contains”

“Consumers today are more likely to determine the truth for themselves than at any other time in history.”

“There is no great advertising without great consumer insight”

“Brands are ideas and promises created by people who are speaking on behalf of the business operations that pay for their efforts.”

“Just because the technology exists to allow you to broadcast whatever you want to your customers doesn’t mean you should. You can’t own the truth.”


You are not a brand

How’s the brand today, dickhead?” An old boss of mine

There’s an urban legend that when the Spice Girls were asked how big they want to get, they said they wanted to be as big as Jif, the household cleaning brand.

Jif is a household name, outside of the rise and falls of celebrity fame, and it’s a wonderful window into their goals.

A brand is a set truths and principles and nothing more. Bad advertising is advertising that rubs against this or even forgets it.

We spend all day long valuing the brands we guard, but do we treat ourselves with the same rigor? What are your absolute truths? If your client was you, what would you suggest you do differently?

Find your why and value you more than you do now.

You are not worthy

“Be-Do-Say” Joey Reiman


Sometimes I struggle with the do, with the making things happen. My typical thought process goes along the lines of “Anyone can do anything, but not everything can think like me, therefore I am going to spend more time thinking as that can change more”

Not only is this 100% incorrect, it is the easy and lazy way to think about the grand solution and focus on what makes the long term difference.

The truth is mine and your point of view means nothing without action, and action means nothing without making others feel good.

Our teenage years are the most difficult because we are realising who we are and trying to work out how that fits in the world.

The problem is that who you think you are, what your POV is and what you want to do means nothing without your action. What you do creates the impression of you in others and it is others who decide your future.

If it is others who decide whether to marry you, promote you or give you advice, you have to frame your actions within their value framework, which is based on how they feel. What does your action mean to their agenda and ultimately their development in life?

Does this mean that we need to identify specific individuals to complete actions for? Or do we identify a mass behavioural group that will please the majority?

I say both. Becoming Do focussed will please the masses because you are getting things done, and find the people the matter and specifically make sure your actions help their agenda.

If the agenda of the important people in your life don’t match your desired actions, consider changing your direction or the company you keep – one will make you more rounded, one will make you happier.